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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

If you want to see the Nativity scene

here is my house. Drive by anytime. If you're friendly stop in, we'll make some hot cocoa.

UPDATE: Playing with this map today a little bit, I discovered that the first post was only displaying at the 200M line bar and by clicking the "IN" button I was able to zoom in even closer until after a couple clicks I was at the 25M line bar point. That's what is howing now. The red circle is actually on my next door neighbors house, mine is just on the left side of the shared driveway. That's our Fiberfab Avenger kitcar behind the carport, (the red car) and the camper is out in front of the carport. Obviously the picture was taken while I was at work and the boy was out 'cause there's no other cars in the drive. You can see the mailbox at the curb, the miniature cherry tree in the front yard and the curved sidewalk to the front door. My shop roof is visible, directly behind the red car, its the smallest of the three roofs that almost seem joined together at the back of the yard.

What's the picture of your house look like?

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